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How To Earn Money On OnlyFans

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:03 am
by TheEtherealMOD
A notification on "How To Earn Money On OnlyFans" just arrived in my inbox. I haven't used this site since the fanscope feature stopped working. But maybe now that it's owned by MyFreeCams fanscope will return, maybe fingers crossed? Well at least it appears that OnlyFans is going to start sharing money making tips with the creators on the platform. And I think that's a great idea because from what I've seen on around the internet is that some unsure on how to make it work.

They're latest blog post goes over how adult content creators can make money on OnlyFans,as told by three very popular performers.

Dannii Harwood
One of the most important things to remember to do is to answer all of your DMs! I know this may seem like a daunting job if you have fallen behind on them, but it’s so important. A lot of people join up just so they can chat with you on a one to one level. Ignoring DMs or not replying before sending out a mass message could be losing you money. You could miss custom requests, important questions, requests for videos, tips for pics etc. This is a sure way of losing loyal subscribers!

Every 24 hours make it a priority to say hi to your new subscribers. You can do this easily by going into your messages, click the + button then choose ‘recent 24 hours,’ type your message and then send!
Jem Wolfie
Be sure to communicate with your followers. You can ask them what they want to see and do polls. If you have something exciting coming up use the count down feature. Keep your fans interested and reply to your inbox messages as much as possible.

Don’t give away all your best content on your main feed, keep the extra quality content for your paid messages. Do a send to all message and choose a reasonable price for it. Paid messages are how you can make a lot of money.
Rhys Sachett
Be frequent and constant with posting content, I would recommend not to post the same content that you do on your other socials, especially if they are free. When people pay for your OnlyFans, they want to see posts that no-one else has access too.

Show love, be kind, never talk in bad faith, show respect, be honest and most importantly never lie.
"...most importantly never lie." Uhhhh yea..I don't know about that part? :lol: These OnlyFans tips are pretty basic and not exactly groundbreaking. But if you're new to the selling content game and need a few pointers on engagement you may find this information useful.

Re: How To Earn Money On OnlyFans

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 8:40 am
by KazyK
I am just having the hardest time figuring this site out. Thanks for the article.

Re: How To Earn Money On OnlyFans

Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 2:15 am
by TheEtherealMOD
KazyK wrote:
Thu Nov 07, 2019 8:40 am
I am just having the hardest time figuring this site out. Thanks for the article.

I've noticed that they've re-introduced the Fanscope option but it's not available to all people who use OnlyFans. Being able to stream directly from the app was what made me sign up in the first place. But then it became so buggy they had to abandon it. I wonder how long before it's available to everyone?