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This is what TalkToMe looks like for customers visiting the home page. The description is as follows:

Phone Sex, Sexting, Web Cams, Skype and Chat

Nothing beats Phone Sex. Talk live, one-on-one with other amateurs. Private anonymous conversations. Sexting, Email and Voice Mail too. Affairs, Sex Advice, Sugar Daddy, Dating WebCams, Skype Cams and more. Friends, Relationships, Fantasies and anything in between. -- Opportunities are Endless.

Performers can use the platform to sell phone sex calls, camshows on skype or via the onsite chat client. You can also have texting sessions and get paid for pay2view emails. Performers can receive payment via check or direct deposit to a bank account and even prepaid debit cards. There contact support is robyn @ or talkersupport
This platform has gone through many transformations over the years. These transformations have included changes to the payout structure for Talkers (that's what performers are called) as well as changes to infrastructure of the TalkToMe platform. In manys it's very similar to Niteflirt but still very different. IMO I think TalkToMe operates more like an old school dispatch company for phone sex where operators are expected to be attached to their phones through out their shift. Currently they have two different programs that Talkers can use for receiving phone sex calls. Both options seem reminiscent of the days when I worked for TBE aka The Boulevard Entertainment and PhoneActress. The pay structure is about the same except you're not working with a supervisor breathing down your neck and criticizing your every move.

The Two Programs on TalkToMe from the website:

The New Direct Connect

When we get callers to our 800#s that are not aware of the platform, we offer them a 10-minute call to try out the service. We want these free callers to have the best possible experience, and convert to paying customers on our platforms. In order to do that, we need to have talkers available immediately to connect to these callers. Being enrolled in the Direct Connect program gives you first access to these callers and the ability to earn a repeat customer back to your profile – with no competition!

Introducing the Talker Queue program for Direct Connect
Direct Connect calls will now be sent to talkers who are standing by on the line and ready to catch a callers attention immediately. Talkers that are enrolled in this program and currently set as available for calls, will be called in advance of a direct connect call and be waiting on the line for a caller to join the call. We don’t expect this wait to be long, but some time periods during the day and night may take some time for a queued talker to get a caller. To avoid long delays, talkers will be placed into the vchat program so they can continue to earn income by exchanging messages and connection 1on1 with chat line talkers until a direct connect call is received.

You can enroll or un-enroll from the program at any time by returning to this page and checking or unchecking the enrollment box.

By enrolling in the Direct Connect Program – you agree to the below terms.
  • When you receive a Direct Connect Queue call, you will be placed into the Talk Chat line while waiting for the next phone line direct connect call to be received.
  • While in the Talk Chat Line, you will earn the current Chat Line per minute rate for connection requests and message exchanges on the chat line.
  • While in the Talk Chat Line, you will not receive a Direct Connect call if you are currently in a connection with a chat line caller. You will only receive Direct Connect calls when you are in the Chat Line menu.
  • Direct Connect calls are paid at your current profile commission rate on a $0.99/min call.
  • The rate at which a Direct Connect Queue call is received, will be dependent on how many enrolled talkers are currently online and available for calls at any given time.
  • If you miss or reject a Direct Connect Queue call, you will be removed from this program and need to return to this page and re-enroll when you are ready to take Direct Connect Queue calls.
The Chatline

The Chat Line is where callers and Talkers browse each other's greetings, exchange messages and connect live for private, one on one conversations.

Here are some great reasons to use the chat line:
  • Your potential earnings on the Chat Line are only limited to the amount of time you can devote to chatting with callers. There are always callers on the line looking for someone to talk to so there is no need to wait around for your phone to ring from your profiles!
  • Regularly earn $.20/minute for your one-on-one connection time with callers on the Chat Line. Some callers do not want to connect one-on-one from the start, so earn $.20 for each message exchange with callers. During special promotions, your earnings can soar to $.40/min for one-on-one connections and message exchanges!
  • We recommend you create a $.99/min profile and entice your regular Chat Line callers to reach you there for times you are not available on the Chat Line.
This hustle may not appear to many performers due to the low payouts, but I can see the appeal if you have the time required to make this work. These are what I would consider "add-on hustlers" It could work really well if you also have a texting gig or perform camshows on skype. I'm sure it can be fast paced at times but this is catered to someone who has all day to hit their goal.

And now that brings us to:

TalkToMe Chatrooms For PSO's

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