Cammodels Turn Your Phone Into A Hotspot With PdaNet+Foxfi

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I wanted to write an article on how cammodels can use Pdanet+ Foxfi to turn their smartphones into a hotspot. I've used Pdanet off and on for a few years now and I love it! Recently I've started using it more often with my "adult" business phone because things have gotten busier going into the holiday season. Also I have other projects that take me outside of the home where I would normally perform live camshows and this helps for on the go purposes. Also Pdanet works really well for weekends when I have to go out of town and I don't have access to high speed internet. It doesn't just work with computers, you can also use it to connect a gaming console to the internet as well.

Reasons Why Cammodels May Use PdaNet+ Foxfi
  • If you're into Travel Camming. Sometimes finding reliable internet can be a challenge for cammodels on the go.
  • It can be a splitcamming solution for those who do have internet with a steady stream but not much bandwidth. Use your computer and your routine internet for live steaming to your primary camsite, then use a second computer or tablet for skype shows via Pdanet.
You must download BOTH Pdanet AND Foxfi on your phone in order for this to work. You must purchase the $7.99 activation key via the foxfi app to make sure this works effectively. Once both apps have been downloaded to your smart phone, you will need to download the desktop client here at JuneFabrics

If you do not purchase the activation key you will be asked to restart the application every 5gb. When you have the activation key and unlimited data on your phone you can use it continuously without interruption. There's also a feature in the application that you MUST select to hide tethering from your phone provider. If this is not selected they may catch on that you're using so much data and begin to throttle your services. At that point you won't be able to use this method to it's full potential.


Here are a few additional points I wanted to make about using this software:
  • My upload speed when using my phone as a hotspot falls between 2.5 and 3.1 mbps.
  • I've used this for both skype and camshows with Discord. I've even tested this out on a few camsites: cams, mfc and streamate with obs.
  • If you are live streaming you will NOT be able to surf the web or have a ton of applications running in the background. This is not a method best used for multitasking.
  • This does not use the hotspot data on your phone plan. Using this you'll be able to preserve your hotspot data while streaming with your regular 4g LTE data.
  • This works best if you have one of the following phone carriers: Metropcs, T-Mobile, Boost and Verizon.
IOS Users Can Find Information HERE
Android Users Can Find Information HERE

If you need help getting this setup watch this very simple video walking you through the process: