PornHub Year In Review 2018

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Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:27 am

The PornHub Year In Review 2018 came a lot earlier this year. It took me by surprise to be honest. I just finished putting up a very detailed article on the Boleyn Models site. Basically I go over the the different ways cammodels
can use it to spot porn trends and for time management.

I admit I get a little excited whenever the yearly insights are released because I like seeing what sort of things people like to watch. And also if these are trends I can get into in order to make more money. Here's the list of things that defined PornHub Searches in 2018:


What IS BOWSETTE? I had to google it. According to the internet it was only created in September of this year, and immediately people started searching for it on PornHub. I really don't get it? I love gaming, but it doesn't sexually arouse me. Also big on Pornhub was Fortnite and Overwatch dropped in placement a great deal. I was happy to see romantic show up on that list as well. I need to go back and see if the article talks about who exactly were searching for Romantic this year.

PornHub's Most Searched For Terms Of 2018 Were:


Outdoor/Public Content grew in popularity too!
Not only did searches for ‘outdoor’ porn grow throughout 2018, but our statisticians also noted that the number of uploads tagged as being filmed outdoors nearly tripled.
That can be good news for people wanting to do more outdoor camshows. I keep telling myself I'm going to do more shows from the back yard. It could totally work I'm sure...but I'm chicken shit.

According To PornHub The Favorite Times To Watch Porn Were:

This one right here is vital information. It's all important and can be useful in so many ways but this one...